Whitman College Science Building

Science Building Addition and Remodel Phase 1 & 2 | The first phase (012) included an addition of 35,000 sf of classrooms, seminar rooms, computer laboratories, offices, study areas, and research teaching laboratories; second phase (021) included renovation of roughly 38,000 sf of the existing 78,685-sf building.

Whitman College is sensitive to having its construction completed with an eye to environmental issues, so while they decided to not seek a formal LEED’s certification for the new building, LEED’s guidelines were used throughout the process. Along this line, Whitman requested that we transform the existing locust trees that had to be removed from the new building site into the new wood stair treads for the main stairway in the Atrium. The new building was attached to the existing science building and the construction phasing had to allow for ongoing College activities within the existing building.

Client | Whitman College
Location | Walla Walla, WA
Architect | Hacker Architects