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Portland Emergency Coordination Center Community Page

Welcome to the project site for the Portland Emerigency Coordination Center. You'll find important information regarding the project schedule, uptated site photos and contact info for the project.

[Community Updates]
As part of the new ECC building, there will be Park Improvements coming soon…
Check out our weekly blog updates by Alicia Clark, CDT, PE for Emerick Construction.

Weekly Blog Updates | By Alicia Clark

July 16 | 2013 - Posted by Alicia Clark CDT, PE

"This Friday, July 19th, from 7am to 12pm, there will be a large crane along 99th to set the cooling tower and heat pump on top of the mechanical room roof. Please allow for additional time and use caution when walking and driving along 99th."

June 6 | 2013- Posted by Alicia Clark CDT, PE

"Monday morning we will begin work on the concrete for the two driveways along 99th. We will start with the south driveway by digging it out and putting in formwork on Monday 6/10, and pouring concrete on Tuesday 6/11. Steel plates will be put over the new approach on Wednesday morning 6/12, so that it can go into normal operation. For the north driveway, we will dig out and form Thursday 6/13, and pour Friday 6/14, and move the steel plates over Saturday morning 6/15. During the work only one driveway will be open for both incoming and outgoing traffic. Please use caution when driving and walking through the area. There will be a security guard in place to help direct traffic and monitor the parking lot security."

May 21 | 2013 - Posted by Alicia Clark CDT, PE

"The concrete pour for the sidewalk along 99th has been postponed due to the uncertain weather. We will pour the concrete on the next dry day. This Friday, May 24th, we are planning on completing the sewer work in 99th Ave. There will be no parking from the TriMet driveway to Bush St for most of the day. There will be flaggers to direct the one way traffic through the area. Please allow for a little extra time driving through the area. The work should be completed by the end of the day on Friday."

May 17 | 2013 - Posted by Alicia Clark CDT, PE

"Monday morning we will start prepping the sidewalk along 99th Ave for concrete. The driveways into the parking lot will remain open and operating as normal, but the sidewalk will be closed. Pedestrian access to the 911 Building should not be affected. A ramp will be put in place to access the pedestrian gate along 99th. We will pour the concrete on Tuesday, so there will be concrete trucks on the road Tuesday morning. Please take caution driving and walking through the area."

April 30 | 2013 - Posted by Alicia Clark CDT, PE

"This Friday, May 3, 2013, we will be connecting to the sewer line on 99th Ave. This will mean that the parking along 99th will be closed and only one-way traffic will be able to get through from 7am-5pm. Flaggers will be set up to direct traffic. Please allow for some delays driving through the area."

March 14 | 2013 - Posted by Alicia Clark CDT, PE

"Demolition and trenching for the PGE conduit will resume tomorrow. This work is for the PGE power feed to the new building, which was originally anticipated to be done with underground boring, but due to the rock conditions of the subgrade, the ground now needs to be trenched. The sidewalk along the east side of 99th Ave will be closed for the duration of the trenching. Monday 3/18/13 the north driveway for the 911 Center will be closed, and the south driveway will be closed on Tuesday 3/19. Foot traffic to the 911 Center will be routed through the south vehicle gate on Wednesday 3/20/13. Please have patience traveling through the area. We will coordinate the exact timing for closing the driveways for poring back the asphalt once the compaction testing and inspections have been completed."

March 7 | 2013- Posted by Alicia Clark CDT, PE

"We are busy taking advantage of any good weather days to continue installing the roof on the building. The upper roof is around 90% complete, and the lower sloped roofs are about 40% complete. Hopefully we can get a few more days without any rain to finish up. The new concrete wall screening the mechanical equipment is in place, and the steel for the mechanical room is being installed. Early next week we are planning on using a crane to place the large mechanical units into the mechanical room. We are also working on a new plan to install the conduit need to connect the power for the building to the PGE vault on 99th. Boring under the sidewalk did not work, so we will need to trench along 99th to reach the vault. I will update the blog with how this will affect the neighborhood when a new plan has been completed."

January 31 | 2013 - Posted by Alicia Clark CDT, PE

"We are starting to close in the building. Exterior sheathing is about 80% complete, and we should start putting up the rainscreen siding soon. We should also start putting the roof on in another week or so, depending on the weather. We are also busy putting together the mechanical room to the north of the new building. We just finished pouring the footings and should be pouring the concrete slab in another week or so."

December 14th | 2012 - Posted by Alicia Clark CDT, PE

"All four tanks are now installed in the ground, and we are working on connecting all of the pipes to them. Sheathing is starting to go up on the exterior walls, and the interior metal framing is almost complete on the first floor. We will be having a small concrete pour on Tuesday morning (12/14), so traffic might be congested in the area between 7am-10am. Please have patience and be cautious driving through the area."

November 20th | 2012 - Posted by Alicia Clark, PE

"Construction is moving along. Steel is almost complete, and the walls are starting to be framed. We also have been working on installing the four water tanks for the project. Two are being installed currently to the north of the construction site, causing some traffic delays. The other two will be installed to the south of the new building, and should not impact traffic in the neighborhood. We appreciate your patience maneuvering around the trucks and equipment."


September 25th | 2012 - Posted by Alicia Clark, PE

"We will be having another slab pour on Thursday September 27th, so please be patient driving through the area, as there will be heavy concrete truck traffic throughout the morning hours."


September 20th | 2012 - Posted by Alicia Clark, PE

"We are going vertical! Steel erection is under-way and things are starting to look like a building. Steel trucks will be making deliveries periodically, but it should not create any traffic issues. We are also working on preparing the second half of the first floor for another slab pour at the end of the month, so stay tuned for details."


Septeber 11th | 2012 - Posted by Alicia Clark, PE

"We will be pouring the slab on Wednesday September 12th, so there is be lots of truck traffic bring concrete to the site all day. Please have patience and caution while driving around Bush Street. This will only last for one day. We will have steel delivered to site on Thursday, and will start erecting it on Monday September 14th. It should start looking like a building soon, and we appreciate your patience as we bring concrete and supplies to the site."


August 21st | 2012 - Posted by Alicia Clark, PE

"We are still working on the foundation for the building. We will be pouring concrete on Thursday, and will continue working on rebar and concrete for the next couple of weeks. There should not be any disruptions to traffic in the neighborhood."


August 1st | 2012 - Posted by Alicia Clark, PE

"We are starting to pour concrete for the building foundation, so there will be trucks coming to and from site, that could cause some congestion around the construction site on Bush St. They should only be arriving periodically throughout the days so please have patience while driving in the area. Pedestrian traffic should not be affected."


July 24th | 2012 - Posted by Alicia Clark, PE

Work on the building footings is still underway. Rebar and Anchor bolts are being installed to get ready for concrete to be poured possibly by the end of next week (see the photos on the project home page). I will give further updates on that schedule next week. The landscaping for Bush St has taken a little longer than expected, but should be completed in about a week.


July 6th | 2012 - Posted by Alicia Clark, PE

Grading is underway preparing the site for the new Emergency Coordination Center, and should last through next week. The landscape and irrigation is also being planted and installed along the new Bush Street through next week, but this shouldn't affect the neighborhood's ability to walk along the sidewalk.'


[Project Duration]
Start date | Spring 2012
Finish date | Fall 2013

[Project Team]
Jim Coker | Supervising Project Manager
[503] 823-5348

Dennis Barstad | Construction Project Manager
[503] 777-5531

Darin Meisenheimer | Project Superintendent
[503] 701-8272

Alicia Clark | Project Engineer
[503] 919-1678

[Project Schedule]
Click to download the a current project schedule. See what's happening when and where in your neighborhood during the project.


Click here to download the a current project schedule. See what's happening when and where in your neighborhood during the project.

Start date | Spring 2012
Finish date | Fall 2013

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